Hybrida Fest is a summer celebration in the form of a electronic music and arts festival in the West of Sweden in a village called Älvsbacka, about three hours from Gothenburg, Stockholm & Oslo.

This is the third summer we are creating the Hybrida Fest. It’s a festival which is all about bringing people together and creating new connections, without boundries between artists, audience and organisers.

During three days at the peak of Swedish summer, guests will experience unique site-specific lives music performances, DJ sets, workshops and art.

So join us for a intimate gathering in a beautiful valley surrounded by lakes and forest. We are open for 200 people to take part of a program with 20+ artists from various fields. Everyone is welcome!

The program itself will be published in the next days. Its design is based on live sets on a outdoor stage during the days and afternoons, and DJ’s at the bar-stage and dancefloor, in the evenings and early hours.

There will also be time to take part of workshops, explore the area, walk along the stream or take a hike the forest or sauna bathing at the lake.

Between the outdoor stage and the disco bar, we will set the scene together for a few lovely summer days and nights.

We are looking forward to welcome those of you who wants to be part of making this festival grow in the coming years!

The music program is curated by Basile Monsacré and Sari Torbiörnsson.

Design: Jurgis Lietunovas

The project is part of Hybrida.space which is a curatorial initiative with the goal of opening up new stages for contemporary art and music.


Included in the ticket price is:
  • Three day festival pass

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Bus from the festival to Karlstad on Sunday morning (one way)

Link to tickets

Early bird (available untill end of May): 87,5 €
Full price: 114 €
Day tickets: 34 €

We also have two limited offers:

-Groups with 4 tickets for the price of 1, to use this offer choose the coupon in the check-out.

-Friendship tickets which lets you bring a friend with you for the price of 1950 SEK. The ticket price is available untill 30/6.


More workshops, DJ's and artists to be announced continuously.


Stockholm based Femi will do a mesmerizing set that matches the lush environment in Älvsbacka, mixing dancy vibes with ambient that will take us up and away!



From the raw energy of the city to the solitude and beauty of Swedish landscapes, DJ Selfhelp hosts the Centre of Nowhere Radioshow, forging contemporary club music with the sounds of the forest. The Centre of Nowhere is itself an organically growing project that invites play, creation and connection with its heart in nature. DJ Selfhelp presents an unpredictable blend of light and cheerful, deep and aggressive, often ending in a place of hope and unity.

Centre of Nowhere

Samo DJ
DJ set

Stockholm's Samo DJ continually sabotages the model with distinctive productions that fearlessly compact a myriad of demented ideas with a twisted Scandinavian cheek. One-half of Sling & Samo and co-founder of their label Born Free, Samo also creates faux-fantasy original soundtracks with MaxxxBass as KWC 92, while studio time with Tzu Sing, Baba Stiltz and Cos/Mes further transmutes his sound. Responsible for multiple standout L.I.E.S. releases, Samo's tweaked out edits and remixes have also been issued by Public Possession, Macadam Mambo and Klasse Wrecks.


Coco Zodiac / Sweden
Live Performance

Coco Zodiac is the moniker under which Freja Björnberg performs her music rituals, each with their own unique theme often involving seasonal celebrations and mystical creatures. By combining scenography, dance and visuals with electronic beats, watery soundscapes and crystalline singing, her performance expresses the poetry of what cannot be explained, inviting you to trust the force of nature and reach the enchanted realms that lie deep within us.

Xaos / Leipzig (DE)

xa✴︎s is the latest live project from Translucid, consisting of improvisational performances combining old and new material, field recordings, feedback loops, and live instrument manipulation through different modules. Xaos creates layered soundscapes that blend with the natural world to form a carefully constructed altered experience for the listener. Their sound is fueled by emotion, nostalgia, and attentiveness to auditive perception, taking the listener on a journey from meditative to dreamlike states.

Maury111 / Germany
Live Performance

Maury111 is the mystical and cosmic pop music project of French musician Benjamin Ruby, who discovered the character during a moment of epiphany. Combining bionic sounds and introspective moods, Maury111's music has been described as "mysticosmic." In 2022, the project released its debut album, "Desert Temple," and performed a game-changing concert at the planetarium in Berlin, following an award-winning performance at the Listen to Berlin Awards in 2021.

Fluids - Alvin Collantes & Jun Suzuki / Germany
Improvised Performance

fluids is an intimate duet that explores emotional upheavals through a close interaction of body movements, eerie vocals and soundscapes.
Since 2021, the Berlin-based duo experiments beyond their respective boundaries to explore and stimulate one another’s sensibilities and stage an intertwined dialogue between unspoken states of body, mind and soul. Mirroring emotions as fluids, continuous, variable and constantly shape-shifting.

Omniself / Sweden

What don’t you know? What is hiding in plain sight? Exploration is bound to happen. OMNISELF is what you always were. Let us make an attempt to shatter the make-believe veil, maybe only momentarily, or maybe, until the beginning of eternity...! OMNISELF is a project formed in Malmö, Sweden, but based anywhere. Usually making people bounce to psy-trance and freaky free tekno, on this special occasion attempting to both soothe and whip your eardrums with frequencies previously un-heard of.


Lueurs Nocturnes / France
Liveset Duo

Leïla Belangeon Bouaziz and Lucie Cure, a captivating duo of performing musicians, merge their talents to create mesmerizing compositions that blend lyrical singing techniques, classical music, and experimental sounds. Their compositions, characterized by immersive soundscapes and symbolic depth, unfold like exquisite tableaux vivants, evoking powerful emotions and capturing the essence of human experience. Guided by an elevating initiatory path, they strive to express the inexpressible, delving into the realms of perception to create transformative musical journeys. Leïla and Lucie craft an artistic odyssey that invites audiences to transcend the boundaries of the known and immerse themselves in the enchanting language of melody and rhythm.


Menion / Italy

Menion is a project created by Stefano Ferrari - Guitarist, Producer and Composer who graduated in Classical Guitar and Music and New Technologies at Italy Conservatory.
The project originates from the need of telling stories, experiences and impressions through sounds.
The sound concept is based on a processing of the guitar sound to arrive at a transformation of the identity of the sound source through analogue and digital devices.
Menion does not feel compelled to experiment or display an aseptic avant-garde taste; what he's eager to do is to share and research his own art, experiencing music as an opportunity for self-improvement.


Gabrielle Rose 

The Berlin based artist Gabrielle Rose recently rose from behind-the-scenes where she crossed genres for her new ambient night Portals, as an organizer for the queer-friendly party series Dissident, and her label work with Terenor Records. Her current style blends ambient, pop inspired vocals, trance and experimental soundscapes.

Jacob Dwyer / UK

Jacob Dwyer is an artist based in Amsterdam. For Hybrida Fest, he will perform The Devil Museum; an audio drama in which we listen to the diary of a man tasked with photographing all 3,000 sculptures in a nearby museum of the same name. As the project begins to fail and the protagonist spends more time alone in their wooden cabin, the narrative moves subtly into subjects of boredom, masculinity and isolation.

Combining field recordings, live foley and original compositions by Kareem Lotfy, Jacob hopes to activate Hybrida’s rural, pine-studded setting as a backdrop to this blue and bewitching narrative.

Zuza Banasińska / Poland
A/V performance
DJ set

Amsterdam-based artist and filmmaker Zuza Banasińsksa is a resident in hybrida air 2023. Besides her installation “Kontrewers” which will be on display in the exhibition, Zuza will contribute with a A/V performance with Egregore and a DJ set under the alias żuża.

żuża is a sonic experimental project which mixes and weave together industrial techno, trance, ambient or field recordings, focusing on spatial sounds that shape up darkly humorous environments.

Zuza has a dog, Fenia. Together, they would take long walks every day of the residency. The playlist for the set at Hybrida Fest has been created on these walks, recording sounds and selecting tracks as they traversed the dense Alvsbacka forests.

J. Nordström / Sweden
DJ set

J.Nordström from Karlstad grew up on hip hop, and always had an affection for grooves and drums, which you easily can hear in his dance floor orientated sets packed with bouncy UK Garage, 2-Step and breaks.

2019 marked the start of Joel’s new project Söön Radio. A bi-weekly show with guest Djs and producers from all over Sweden. 

In 2016 he co-founded the Värmland powerhouse Grupp 054, a project which houses a big branch of Djs, producers plus two record labels, and have been keeping busy with countless raves, releases and gatherings throughout the years.

We have invited them to bring the party to Älvsbacka! 

Diskmachine / Sweden
DJ set

DJ Diskmachine is locally sourced, organic yet electronically enticed artist located but a stones throw away from Älvsbacka, found in the borderland between Gameboy-produced tones and breakbeats so stretched in time, they're almost at electro magnetic wavelenghts. When DJ Diskmachine is behind the decks, you'll usually find yourself in the sonic landscape of Drum n Bass, Footwork and Jungle.

1, 2, 3
Tingeling / Sweden
DJ set

DJ tingeling from the 054 crew will take you on a musical journey through the jungles of Älvsbacka, the natural symphony will embrace your senses while the rhythm of the jungle harmonizes with the steady beat of the earth beneath your feet. While vibrant calls of birds serenade the green leaves over your head.
Rens / The Netherlands
DJ set

Rens is a up-and-coming DJ hailing from the vibrant music scene of Holland.  Deep Tech will be the genre of choice for his set at Hybrida Fest, a hypnotic fusion of pulsating rhythms, soul-stirring melodies, and atmospheric textures. Ready yourself for an immersive experience with music that moves your body and stirs your soul. Let it ignite your spirit and passion, creating memories which will resonate long after the final beat drops.
DaliN Waldo / Denmark
Esoteric Conference

DaliN WaldoOoOoOoo is an esoteric engineering enthusiast and a founder of the neo-fluxus anti-art movement Nægtularism. They specialize in eloptic engineering and design organismic synthesizer interfaces, including the Ethermorphic FMAnalyzer and the ENNER synthesizer, which can transmit emotional energy and make the operator a part of the circuitry. Hybrida will feature a presentation on the ENNER synthesizer project and explore the potential for synthesizers to transmit emotional energy and improvisation as a form of communication with technology.
Sigrun Gyða
Performance & Workshop

Hybrida Fest, artist and singer Sigrún Gyða (who is also one of this years residents) holds a workshop on sound creation in collective outdoor exercises. It is a meeting ground for people that find inspiration in playfulness and in how movement can change the way we think and communicate. We will look into how our bodies react to different movements or feelings and ask ourselves if the bodily feeling of tension can change the way our voices resonate. The workshop will take place in the beautiful outdoor setting of the festival.

During the festival Sigrún will also perform her work in progress, the performance opera Skjóta. She has been working on the piece as part of Hybrida AIR, seeking inspiration in the natural surroundings of the area. Skjóta (‘to shoot’ in Icelandic) talks about the individual effect one person can have in a lifetime; whether individuals really can have influence at a time of climate catastrophe. To do that Sigrún looks at the possibilities of talking about climate change through football.
Zuza & Egregore     
AV Performance

Egregore and Zuza’s collaboration emerged as they prepared their first duo performance last year in Älvsbacka. Their project is a hybridization of digital and analog audiovisual material. At the crossroad of an archive and a future dream, they guide the audience inyo a hypnotic journey.

Watch the performance form last year here

Practical Information

Here is all the information you need to prepare youself for the Hybrida Fest!

If you have any further questions, dont hesitate to contact us on hybridafest@gmail.com


Location & Transport

The fest takes place in a small village in Värmland, once upon a time it was a flourishing iron mill. Today, lush nature grows on top of the old foundations. The event takes place outside in the gardens and inside a few buildings from the former activities of the site.

There are two lakes with a fairy-tale like stream in-between them. The northern lake is located next to the camping area.

For those who feels like it, there  are trails to hike, canoes for rent and a sauna next to the lake!

It is located 45 minutes from the nearest city and 15 minutes by car from the nearest supermarket and gas station.

How to get here:

Östanås 610
655 98 Molkom

59.7409970, 13.6757379

The nearest large cities are Stockholm, Oslo, or Gothenburg, from where travel to the festival takes about three to four hours by car.

From Gothenburg, Olso or Stockholm, one can take train or bus to Karlstad (see links below).

Swedish railways:

Bus companies:


From Karlstad during weekday the local bus 300 departs multiple times per day to the bus stop Östanås.

Last bus on weekday departs at 19.42.

There is a five-minute walk from the train station the buss station. The bus takes one hour.

There are no buses on weekends.

If you will arrive in Karlstad after 19.42 we can pick you up.

There will be buses included in the ticket that takes people from the festival to Karlstad on Sunday morning.


Bar & Stage
We will have a running café bar during the festival with a small but good selection of drinks, snacks, coffee, and other beverages. Multiple paying options are available.

We are doing our best to welcome and accommodate everyone during the festival. However, the festival site being in a natural space, some areas might be difficult to access for people who are in wheelchairs. Some of the facilities have stairs that are not accessible by wheelchairs.

Stages & Program
There will be two stages, one outdoors for live acts and one "disco bar" inside.
The schedule for the acts and activities will be published as we go along.

Nature & General Behavior
Respect each other, the village, and the neighbors. Take care of nature and the environment, and please don't throw things on the ground or in the water. We will have a waste sorting station, please use them.
Don't bring materials that are fragile and will litter in nature.

Fire Information
Allocated fireplaces will be set up. In case of a dry season, no fire is allowed, pay attention to our updates regarding fire when you are on location. We will announce what applies in our communication.

We will need some help, during and after the festival. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering during the festival, it will take about 6 hours and provide you with a free ticket including all meals. Fill in this form to sign up!
    If you want to participate in any way with a workshop or any other idea, feel free to send us a message as well!

Other Information
Families are welcome, in case you want to bring an animal along please contact us and we can see how we can assist.
    More information about the location and maps of the area as well as surrounding hiking trails alongside the stream and in the forest will be provided and shared in the telegram group for those who want to explore the location.
    It’s a good idea to bring mosquito and tick spray with you.
We will have a charging station for electronics


Join the summer fest as a volunteer! We are looking for people who wants to create magic together with us!  

A group of enthusiastic volunteers will be central during the time we share in Älvsbacka this year, and perhaps the years to come! You will be part from the get-go, get to know the organisation and learn from our process, meet the artists and a bunch of new people.

Everyone is welcome to get involved, sign up through this link and we will get back to you.


The festival program includes an exhibition which is showcasing the outcomes of the hybrida.space Artist-In-Residence program for 2023, which takes place before the festival. The exhibition takes place in a large two story garage and workshop building in the festival zone.

This is a recurring two-month-long residency program featuring 10 talented international artists.

Guided tours of the exhibition will be part of the festival program.

Contact: hybridafest@gmail.com

Hybrida Fest is part of hybrida.space and is supported by Byalaget Älvan and: