Practical Information

Here is all the information you need to prepare youself for the Hybrida Fest!

If you have any further questions, dont hesitate to contact us on


Location & Transport

The fest takes place in a small village in Värmland, once upon a time it was a flourishing iron mill. Today, lush nature grows on top of the old foundations. The event takes place outside in the gardens and inside a few buildings from the former activities of the site.

There are two lakes with a fairy-tale like stream in-between them. The northern lake is located next to the camping area.

For those who feels like it, there  are trails to hike, canoes for rent and a sauna next to the lake!

It is located 45 minutes from the nearest city and 15 minutes by car from the nearest supermarket and gas station.

How to get here:

Östanås 610
655 98 Molkom

59.7409970, 13.6757379

The nearest large cities are Stockholm, Oslo, or Gothenburg, from where travel to the festival takes about three to four hours by car.

From Gothenburg, Olso or Stockholm, one can take train or bus to Karlstad (see links below).

Swedish railways:

Bus companies:

From Karlstad during weekday the local bus 300 departs multiple times per day to the bus stop Östanås.

Last bus on weekday departs at 19.42.

There is a five-minute walk from the train station the buss station. The bus takes one hour.

There are no buses on weekends.

If you will arrive in Karlstad after 19.42 we can pick you up.

There will be buses included in the ticket that takes people from the festival to Karlstad on Sunday morning.


Bar & Stage
We will have a running café bar during the festival with a small but good selection of drinks, snacks, coffee, and other beverages. Multiple paying options are available.

We are doing our best to welcome and accommodate everyone during the festival. However, the festival site being in a natural space, some areas might be difficult to access for people who are in wheelchairs. Some of the facilities have stairs that are not accessible by wheelchairs.

Stages & Program
There will be two stages, one outdoors for live acts and one "disco bar" inside.
The schedule for the acts and activities will be published as we go along.

Nature & General Behavior
Respect each other, the village, and the neighbors. Take care of nature and the environment, and please don't throw things on the ground or in the water. We will have a waste sorting station, please use them.
Don't bring materials that are fragile and will litter in nature.

Fire Information
Allocated fireplaces will be set up. In case of a dry season, no fire is allowed, pay attention to our updates regarding fire when you are on location. We will announce what applies in our communication.

We will need some help, during and after the festival. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering during the festival, it will take about 6 hours and provide you with a free ticket including all meals. Fill in this form to sign up!
    If you want to participate in any way with a workshop or any other idea, feel free to send us a message as well!

Other Information
Families are welcome, in case you want to bring an animal along please contact us and we can see how we can assist.
    More information about the location and maps of the area as well as surrounding hiking trails alongside the stream and in the forest will be provided and shared in the telegram group for those who want to explore the location.
    It’s a good idea to bring mosquito and tick spray with you.
We will have a charging station for electronics


Hybrida Fest is part of and is supported by Byalaget Älvan and: