Hybrida Fest is a summer celebration in the form of a electronic music and arts festival in the West of Sweden in a village called Älvsbacka, about three hours from Gothenburg, Stockholm & Oslo.

This is the third summer we are creating the Hybrida Fest. It’s a festival which is all about bringing people together and creating new connections, without boundries between artists, audience and organisers.

During three days at the peak of Swedish summer, guests will experience unique site-specific lives music performances, DJ sets, workshops and art.

So join us for a intimate gathering in a beautiful valley surrounded by lakes and forest. We are open for 200 people to take part of a program with 20+ artists from various fields. Everyone is welcome!

The program itself will be published in the next days. Its design is based on live sets on a outdoor stage during the days and afternoons, and DJ’s at the bar-stage and dancefloor, in the evenings and early hours.

There will also be time to take part of workshops, explore the area, walk along the stream or take a hike the forest or sauna bathing at the lake.

Between the outdoor stage and the disco bar, we will set the scene together for a few lovely summer days and nights.

We are looking forward to welcome those of you who wants to be part of making this festival grow in the coming years!

The music program is curated by Basile Monsacré and Sari Torbiörnsson.

Design: Jurgis Lietunovas

The project is part of Hybrida.space which is a curatorial initiative with the goal of opening up new stages for contemporary art and music.

Contact: hybridafest@gmail.com

Hybrida Fest is part of hybrida.space and is supported by Byalaget Älvan and: